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I'm so annoyed that I can't add words to my Evernote dictionary on my Mac. 

There are so many health terms it doesn't recognise :( 

Not only do they have the red squiggles underneath, but they're there permanently (I don't even have to option to "learn term")

Someone please tell me how to fix this because its actually driving me nutsssss :( 

(also I'm not tech savvy at all so if I could get some help I would greatly appreciate it :) )

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19 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

When a word is underlined with this neat red marker:

  • Right click / secondary click on that word
  • Select "learn spelling" (or whatever it is called in the English version) to add it to the dictionary



Hi PinkElephant,

Yes I am aware of this but the "learn spelling" option doesn't come up for many words. That's my problem; I can't add words to dictionary.

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I have the same problem with technical words that are part of my industry domain.

Can you explain the logic why "learn spelling" works sometimes and not others.

By your estimate it doesn't support 20% of cases, which IMHO 100% sucks.

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Working or not may depend on a little issue that happens while using the tool. Sure it sucks when it does not do the  job.

The only way to solve it is that you issue a support ticket with as many details as possible plus the activity log when it happens.


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