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Evernote for Android version 10.10

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Release Notes: Evernote for Android version 10.10



  • You no longer need perfect punctuation to get the search results you want. For example, searching for "checkin" will show you results for "check-in", "check.in", "check_in" and "check'in".
  • Evernote Business customers can now search inside shared notes


  • Fix for device going to sleep when camera was open
  • Fix for images not rendering correctly in notes
  • Stability and performance improvements


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Did a check on my devices with a fresh and clean install. Images not rendering correctly still occurs on all of my devices after fresh install, but gets better after some time of usage (?) Still not consistent to me. Considering roll back to 8.13.3 again because of this.

By the way, I still experience extreme slowness with 10.10. Would love to see any future perspective on this problem. Cannot use Evernote mobile in business and throughout real world day because of this...not to mention images taken by the app not being thumbnailed...and afterwards only searchable within note but not globally via EN search function 😔

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Slow, laggy, woeful.

I'm terribly sorry for this harsh assessment but there is little more to say. 

Whoever made the decision to release 10.x without it being ready, may have destroyed this company. 😐

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On my device,  with the latest 10.10 client, I can not create any new notes at all. Not a photo nor voice nor even a single character can be saved.  It's like this ever since updated to 10.x. Of course I had asked customer support for help, but they told me "the issue has been reported for further investigation, but at this time there is no timeline for when it will be addressed". 

If your 10.x client is slow but at least works, you are lucky.



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It was taking Evernote about 10 seconds to duplicate a note, attach an image or send a note to trash. I just tried it again and now it is working fine.

Does the App depend on Internet Connection? Does it not use the data saved locally?

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EN depends on an internet connection.

You should be able to save notebooks for offline use (the iOS version does so, and Android should be similar). This will kick in when there is no internet connection, not as a local database used all the time. The data master copy is always on the EN server.

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