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Has the 'code block' formatting keystroke been removed in MacOS desktop?

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The keystroke I usually use for formatting pasted (and selected) text as a code block seems to have been removed again. I'm using version 10.13.4. Can somebody please clarify what has happened to the code block formatting functionality?


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1 hour ago, Stephen G said:

That keystroke no longer works for me, and I can' find anything in the menus to format as a code block.

If you look in the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + / (on Windows)) or help -> keyboard shortcuts you should find the shortcut for insert code block (ctrl + shift + L on Windows). If you highlight the text and then press the shortcut it formats the text as code. Should be the same for Mac but I obviously can't guarantee that.

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EN Mac v10.14.7:

- Select your text you want to format as code

- click on the blue + button top left

- click on code block 

This will convert the selected text into code format. Shortcut is not working for conversion,  just to insert a new, empty code block.

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In Windows at least placing a back tick character before and after some text and pressing space or enter will convert that into a code block as inline code. But it doesn't work across a paragraph break and quite possibly there are other limitations. But at least a single block of text could be converted after the event with the single back ticks.

Likewise three back ticks typed before any text starts a code block.

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