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first ever note and search doesn't work ?!

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Is search only available with a paid subscription?

this is my first time using Evernote. I was quite excited with the note taking potential until I tried searching. I first tried searching by Tag to see how it worked... nothing. Then simply by text... nothing. Using the web  client on 2 different windows machines and the iOS app, all nothing... I am honestly kind of staggered. I have only 3 notes and the search cannot return a single result for even the most basic searches. 

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong ? this is really not a great start.

2021-05-31 19_10_51-Notes - Evernote.png

2021-05-31 19_11_31-Search results - Evernote.png

2021-05-31 19_13_15-Search results - Evernote.png

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The search will come live maybe after a little time. The indexing is done on the server, and there may be a queue waiting for execution.

The simple search of plain text in a note is not depending on a subscription - advanced search in pdf and pictures does.

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