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ScanSnap on Mac OS 10.13.6, does not scan to Evernote (PDF )

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ScanSnap Manager version 6.3 L70 , on Mac OS 10.13.6,  does not scan to Evernote (PDF) Version 10.14.7-mac-ddl-public (2661)

It says It failed to start Evernote for Mac. Evernote is open on my Mac and it does scan to Evernote (Note)

I looked for an answer on the forum and have not found it yet.

I will try to send this question also to the ScanSnap forums.

Many thanks.

Any help is appreciated.

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 11.32.48 AM.png

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The easiest way is to install the legacy client. It works smoothly with ScanSnap Manager, version 7.2 and above. Legacy can be installed and used side by side with v10.

AFAIK for a better scanner integration we have to wait for the import folder feature that is on the short list for v10. It is announced since several releases, but yet to surface.

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I finally added the Evernote Legacy and it appears in Finder applications.

 I also succeeded by scanning a document as Scan to Evernote (Document). Now it appears in both Evernote Legacy and in Evernote.(I also save it on an external drive)

My objective is to scan a lifelong of file cabinets to go mostly paperless. The ix500 combined with Scansnap and Evernote seemed the best approach.

Scanning a document once I can save it on an external drive as well as in Evernote.

Thanks again for your prompt and helpful solution.

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The way it takes is from the scanner (I use an ix500 as well, a real workhorse) over ScanSnap Manager and OCR into Legacy. Legacy will sync it to the EN server, and from there it is synced with all other clients. This means a v10 client on the same computer gets its data from the server, not from the legacy client directly.

In any case I would activate the OCR provided with the scanner. When OCRed by EN, the OCR is only available inside of EN. Plus you can’t copy text from a document when OCRed by EN.

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You are right. I enabled OCR within ScanSnap converting to scannable PDF's.

I am now debating whether to use multipage PDF (whole batch in one PDF)   or to generate one PDF file per page.

It is easier to use multipage PDF but I think it will be harder to separate the docs for tagging and printing later.

Anyway, I will experiment with both approaches.

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Personally I always go for one file per scanned document. A letter may be one page, a training document several. It makes it easier to handle outside of EN. 

For printing I can always select pages or a range from the larger file.

Tagging is per Note - and you can annotate exactly where you want to, even when there are many pages. EN even lets you view all annotations at the beginning of the pdf, if you want to get a quick overview.

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 It is working. I just scanned one of my many files.Thanks for the answer.

An interesting observation:

If I name  a note in Evernote it will not automatically change the name of the file that was saved in the Folder.

Also, If I change the name of a file in the Folder it will not automatically change the name of the note  in Evernote.

Therefore, I have to change manually the Label in both Evernote and the Folder.

I wonder if I could change the name once either in Evernote or in the Folder and it would automatically change the name in the other.

Anyway I have a long way to go in this project.

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