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Resume Reading Where Left Off

Alex D.


The primary use of Evernote for me is to save long articles for reading later. Unfortunately, Evernote is not great for such use case: as I read intermittently, I frequently leave articles and come back to them later. However, every time I come back to them, my last reading location is lost and I have to manually search for the place I have left off. This can be very frustrating when articles are really long. Please, incorporate this reading functionality (for same- and cross-platform reading) similarly to how Mozilla's Pocket does it.

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Hi.  I moved your post to a general feature request page where others can vote in favour.  If that's not what you want,  please say,  and I'll move it back.

Personally I use a reading app (Pocket) to hold stuff I haven't read yet,  and clip from there to Evernote if a quick scan determines it's worth looking at. Evernote isn't intended to be a reading app as such - short notes are best - so whether or not they (or other users) would agree that a place-holder is essential I don't know. 

We shall see...

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