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Create app links (not web links) to other notes on Android

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Is there any word on a plan or the timing to allow the creation of app links to other notes on Android? The Windows and web versions let you create app links, but not Android. So if I create/edit a note on Android and it involves a link to another note, when I open the note later on my PC I'll encounter a web link instead of an app link.

As it is, I end up having to spend additional time at a later point revising notes created/edited on Android so that they function properly (or at least in line with my preference - I don't want EN to open a browser just to go to a linked note).

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I crashed into this as well some weeks ago and contacted support as the german translation indicates in app links not web links. EN 8.13.3 creates in app links. They implemented the wrong link. I pointed out, that we should even expect both link options on mobile as well. I got the standard text block I often read (not implemented, thank you for your suggestion) nothing individually written...they did not even understand that they implemented the wrong internal link creation. I think they just closed the case. Wasted time.

Another reason I keep sticking with EN 8.13.3 - until Evernote will (hopefully?) do some substantial progress on Android. But at the moment it is very quiet. This month we will see no official updates...

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