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Vertical Line to Split Page

Joss Biggins


Hi Team, 

There's a horizontal line option in note taking field but there is no option for the same functionality as a vertical line. This is extremely useful for anybody using Jim Kwiks Take notes vs Make notes of Capture notes vs Create notes Method. Which has be recently popularized. I am in need of separating the field to vertically two (or even four areas)

Tables is very ineffective in doing this. 

Begging the Development team consider this idea seriously. As I believe it to be fundamental to note taking. 

Alternatively is there a way to code this into Evernote manually through the coding function? 

Thank you for your consideration 

@jossbiggins on instagram if you have any direct advice. 

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Horizontal lines is pretty simple to create in HTML - EN is based on HTML to build notes.

Vertical split into multiple columns is another thing. Personally I doubt that EN will add a feature just because there is a specific way of taking notes, great as it may be. There are probably thousands of them, each tuned to support a specific need of jotting down things. They have added some like Cornell notes to the standard templates gallery. All of them use tables if there is a multi column layout.

I think for the time being you are restricted to use a table.

To make this easier, you could create a template of your own with your preferred layout. There are better options to do this in the desktop clients. Create a note that is looking how you like it, and save it as a template.

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No "dear Evernote" around here, just other users.

In my post above I have explained that it is highly unlikely anything like this will be added. As a workaround use a 2-column table.

You can send your intervention to "dear Evernote" staff through the feedback function of the clients.

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I agree that this would be a great feature. I was originally pleased to hear that there was a Cornell Notes template in the gallery, but when I got to see it, I realized that it's an approximation of the function, but not the format, of the true Cornell Notetaking Method page. (I'm a Cornell alum; I learned the method back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!) The recall column on the left really is essential.

I understand @PinkElephant's comment regarding the difficulty in programming things to allow for a vertical line, notwithstanding a two-column table, but this kind of feature would be so advantageous to add as Evernote formatting improves. One can hope!

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