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Need to update to use on current device?!?



I just logged on my basic account after a long absence; even had to change my password after it was saved in the device settings. Then before I can go any further a screen pops up saying I need to update to use the device. What?!?  I've been using Basic since 2004 when I discovered the service as a simple website.  I've had no problem reviewing and refreshing to a new update or version since that time.  Now I have to upgrade to premium to keep using the service ON ANY DEVICE?  So when I try to keep the Basic on my desktop (Windows) it also want me to unsync from my device, thereby losing the account altogether.  So WHAT do I do....start all over by deleting my account?  Advise, please!

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There was a major release last year. The old clients are not supported any longer (depending on how old). There is one „final edition“ of the old desktop clients, called legacy, that will never update. The alternative is the new client, EN Version 10.

You should update to either. The best way is to download the new client from the EN website, and install it. If you already have 2 devices registered, you need to unsync one of them before you can add another

There may be more new rules to learn, like you can’t unsync more than a few times per month

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