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Hi there -- long time user, just going back into Evernote after other apps. I've just signed up again for the Premium monthly. However—it seems like my email into Evernote is not working. I've tried resetting the evernote email address a couple of times but my notes emailed in are still not appearing. MacOS here, Big Sur. I've tried emailing from my web gmail account and also local Mail app; neither work. Any thoughts? 

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Several users (including myself) had problems with never receiving mails send to the EN account. Mails from some accounts went through, others not.

It seems there was some filtering / blacklisting going on. In my case I needed support to get it unblocked again.

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I posted about some issues I had a few weeks ago, and then they started working again.  This week, I had one email that took a few hours but did eventually show up.  I wonder if the issues/delays may be related to when they roll out updates, as I think it last happened around the release of 10.13.  

It is very frustrating, as for years I have relied that emails sent will arrive... but now I have added a process to my weekly review where I search my emails for everything sent to evernote and make sure they all arrived.

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When I had contact with support about it (a while ago), mails were not received consistently when coming from 2 of 5 accounts I tested.

This was clearly some filtering or blacklisting. Support needed the accounts, and made it work again.

It is frustrating when we can’t trust a feature. Furthermore (and I told this to support) it is against all rules to simply make mails disappear. Mail clients usually have a Spam folder to catch this stuff, and allow for reactivating mails that are legitimate.

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