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Notebook stacks not available anymore?

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On 5/23/2021 at 1:17 PM, fabyoga said:

does anyone know if the notebooks stacks feature has been removed (windows / web version)?

Yes I do. No it hasn't.

What happens when you right-click a notebook name in the Notebooks page? Have you checked the 3-dots menu?

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The help document describes how to create stacks pretty good. Don’t know why it should not work.

If there is a high number of notebooks to be organized, the content is probably not structured in the best way. Stacks then will not really help, just push the problem to the next level.

IMHO it is much better when using EN to rely mainly on tags, and use notebooks scarcely. My main use when I open a new notebook is to allow an easy sharing of a set of notes. When the sharing has done what it was created for, the notes can be moved back, the sharing withdrawn and the notebook deleted.

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