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Hidden Rollout of Quick Switcher in v10.13... Without Cmd+J Shortcut Assigned



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What on earth is Evernote playing at, this feature has been listed as "coming soon" as you know for as long as I can remember, now this, it's almost a joke, but I'm sorry I've been waiting so long for "Command J" I'm not laughing. Are they taking the Micky?

I notice though this menu doesn't work correctly, as it should do when pressing the original Command J in the Classic version of Evernote.

Maybe they just can't do it and are waiting to add the keyboard shortcut until they've actually figured it out correctly. The coders that used to work for Evernote that created this wonderful keyboard shortcut must have done a bunk, or just left in disgust at what they released last year, pretending that version 10 was an upgrade, which of course couldn't be further from the truth.

Keep going guys, one day, maybe 2022/3 you'll figure it out, I'm sick of waiting, Coming Soon !

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  • Evernote Staff*

Thank you all for the feedback. We apologize for this issue and are investigating now. I will come back with an update. Please bear with us. 

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