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I have seen numerous posts talking about a feature allowing the backup of whole notebooks at a time but cant find info on how to actually do this. I have a mac. Happy to be pointed to a previous discussion if anyone knows of one. Also interested in any backup workflows for En that people use. Thanks

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Hi.  Backups are simply exported copies of notes or notebooks.  Easier in the Legacy version than v10,  but in both cases just go to the Notebooks page in Desktop (not the Web version) and export all notes to the backup destination of your choice.

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On 5/20/2021 at 4:52 PM, gavlav said:

feature allowing the backup of whole notebooks at a time but cant find info on how to actually do this

Screenshot is from the Notebooks page, right-clicking a notebook906231938_ScreenShot2021-05-21at17_19_02.png.1310fbcc7919bbe0207ae08d8434bee7.png

I have daily incremental and weekly full backups
Automated using applescript with the Evernote Legacy product

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Thanks guys for the advice but it appears as though I cant export in bulk. I have numerous stacks. Is there a way to do a whole stack or do I have to laboriously do each notebook? Also what is the evernote legacy product ?

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No, a stack is nothing that really works for anything else than be a visual tool.

Furthermore the information, in which notebook a note is kept is lost on export. When selecting more than one notebook for export, you end up with a pile of notes not knowing into which notebook they belong.

The way to do the export is to select one notebook, choose the export and name the target file after the notebook. This is the only way to keep the structure of the notes.

Legacy has better options, but the restriction of the note-notebook relation is the same. The main advantage is that you can use scripting to automate the process.

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