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(Archived) Feature request: enable searching for notes -notebook:X

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I just stumbled across this lack today. I wanted to look for notes that were in all but one of my notebooks.

But it didn't work.

I'd really hate to have to specify all other notebooks in the search, so please add the ability to exclude notebooks from search :)

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I had the same issue with a notebook named Politics. Fortunately I do not have any friends named Barack, Harry, or Hillary, but I do have a friend named Nancy. Half of my 7,000 notes are website captures of political stuff, so those notes frequently came up when I searched for a common word like Insurance or Bank or Sarah.

Here is my solution which can be done immediately:

Created a tag name X and assigned it to all the notes in my Politics notebook. (dragged the notes in large groups onto the tag in the left panel)

When a search that brings up unexpected stuff from the Political notebook, I just add -tag:X to the search.

And if Evernote does create a negative search for Notebooks, just delete the Tag X in the left panel and it disappears from all my notes.

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