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I have Premium and Plus subscriptions

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I know this topic goes under the Account Management forum, but was unable to choose that option in the drop-down box.

When I look at my subscription, it says I have both Plus and Premium. It also says I will be charged for Plus if I don't cancel it before the due date. I went ahead and cancelled the Plus account, but there is no confirmation that I now only have the Premium account. How do I confirm my subscription status?

I would address this question to Customer Support, but Evernote has made it ridiculously difficult to submit a ticket to ask a question. It used to be so easy to reach out to Customer Support. As a Premium subscriber, especially, this should be easier to do.


"Evernote Premium  
Manage subscription
Remember to cancel your existing Evernote Plus subscription in the App Store to avoid getting charged twice. We cannot cancel it on your behalf. If you do not cancel it in the App Store, you will be charged again for a Plus subscription on May 10, 2022.
Next charge May 16, 2022 for Evernote Premium"


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52 minutes ago, ChipAHoy said:

I went ahead and cancelled the Plus account

How,  exactly, did you do that?  It looks like you upgraded your existing Plus account with Evernote,  who quote rightly point out that they're not Apple and can't cancel your auto-renew with the App Store.  They suggested you cancel your payment there.  Your premium (formerly known as Plus) account will then continue with Evernote direct. 

If you're still in doubt see - https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/135456-how-to-submit-a-ticket-for-a-billingpayment-issue/

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I am unable to submit a help ticket. When I click on this link https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action?utm_source=EN Forum&utm_medium=forum post&utm_campaign=billing, I am taken to the log in screen for Evernote. I log in, and then the next screen says I am logged out. I tried several times but never get to the help ticket option.

How can I get to that screen?

I understand now, I had subscribed originally via the App Store.


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Have you got a mobile client ? Then you can use it, it does not go through the internet login.

Support can help you with a direct subscription, the one by the AppStore can not be managed by EN support.

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