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Cleaner E-Mails by redirecting to Evernote, instead of forwarding (MacOS)

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Anybody dislikes as well how E-Mails are looking when forwarded to Evernote ? All that header stuff, unnecessary automatic signatures, taking up the top xx lines ?

Here is how the original mail is preserved, without the additional stuff: Use "redirect" instead of "forward".

With Apple Mail on the Mac this is very simple: Menu E-Mail, Redirect, the shortcut is cmd-shft-E. You can install as well an additional button in the buttons ribbon.

These are the properties of redirected mails:

  • The From field shows the original sender
  • The To field shows your email address — the one the mail was originally sent to
  • Nothing changed in the original mail by redirecting, especially nothing added to header or mail body

 The Apple mail client on iOS doesn't have this option, the shortcut (with keyboard) does not work neither.

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