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Reminders without a due time - only a date

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I use Cronofy to sync Evernote reminders with my Google Calendar. So, first question - is that currently the best practice or does Evernote directly allow for syncing to Gcal these days?

Second, is there a way to set a Reminder as an All Day event, rather than a specific time? Ideally, I would like all my Evernote Reminders to show up in my Gcal as an All day event rather than at a specific time?


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No - Evernote doesn't directly sync to calendar apps; a third party service is required   
No - Reminders can not be specified without a time   
        The value is stored as the # of seconds from the epoch date     
        An All-Day flag would be required; perhaps a tag

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Ok, thanks. that's what I thought, but always worth asking. For those interested, Cronofy is a great syncing solution, at least until Evernote adds it to the product itself. 

If anyone from Evernote monitors these posts, please consider adding an All Day feature wherein Reminders can be set but without a specific time. As a reference, Clickup syncs directly with Google Calendar and allows for either a specific time or All Day setting.

Thanks again

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Personally I don’t see a big difference between a reminder set for the day, or for the day at 0900h. Reminders are useful, but EN is not the strongest task manager that has been invented yet.

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