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Simultaneous edits



The one glaring problem I see with evernote is that I cannot edit a note from two different devices without first syncing it on both devices, which takes at least 15 seconds to do.

It's SUPER annoying to have to stop and wait when I need to drop a file from my laptop into an evernote, while working on that note in my desktop.

In my mind the solution is simple; allow for simultaneous edits, the way google docs does. This way, I can add text, files, or whatever else into the evernote from any/all devices without having to stop and wait, and then I don't have to spend so much MORE time dealing with 'conflicting notes'.


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Hi.  Sorry for the frustration,  but Evernote doesn't work that way.  Each device sends and receives updates from the server independently.  Better to do all editing on one device,  or to send the file to your desktop via a cloud Drive and attach it from there.

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To be very clear: Working on the same note at the same time on different devices is the way to produce conflicting notes. In this constellation it does not happen by accident, it is provoked, and EN does good to show the conflicting changes. There is no strategy to resolve such a conflict without the user - or risking loss of edits and data.

EN is not build to support working on one note in parallel. This is true from one account, and it is true for shared notes between separate accounts. Changing this would mean to rip EN apart, and rebuild it from scratch.

You can always work on different notes at the same time. The organizing entity is the note, anything above that level is safe from producing conflicts.

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