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Calender... why is there no calender view in Evernote?

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I don't keep up with Evernote news,  I just use it for personal journaling and I pay at the basic level.  But they did eliminate all the third party add-ons, correct?.... and there was a calendar add-on which is no longer available.  But, you could still  view Evernote in a kind of calendar view if in the icon called "view options" options you selected "card view" and then from the View menu de-selected "Note Panel".  The reason one might want to do this of this was to see the titles of your notes in a calendar format and then click on the note from that format to read the entire note.  You could possibly see an entire months note tittles at a time.   But now that is not an option any more.

So I am going to download the free version of OneNote and see how it works and if this calendar view functionality is available.  If it is in the paid version and is not too much, I might just dump Evernote and switch to OneNote.

I just don't see why they could not make a calendar view available.

It looks like Evrernote is primarily for business use but not for personal use.  More money in that market I guess, with multiple licensing.

One other complaint is that they have been promising for some time to make pdf exports available.  But nothing is happening.

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