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Evernote Linux Client 10.7.6-linux-ddl-public (2330) - Feature Request

Darwin Ranzone


Hi Evernote team

First of all i would like to state in the Linux Client, other than this annoyance i am very satisfied with the linux beta Client
is stable fast and never crashed/froze or let me down a single time so it seems to me is ready for production

I would also like to add i am a premium user for several years, all of those using Linux and having to deal with the limitations of the web client, which is a good client, but it does not scale to the volume of notes i have and the main issue for me is that it freezes all the time, this issue does not happen with the Linux client which is much faster and more reliable and better than having to use NixNote

A Simple feature request i will ask for the Linux Client is the following:

- When i open evernote it keeps the quick launch app in the tray
- When i click on it there is an option to open evernote:
- i then click on it:



- And then i am prompted with the quick note screen:


- I then click on the Square icon with an arrow and i am directed to the evernote main app

The issue is: There is no way to disable this quick note screen in the options menu

Most of the time i open evernote it is either to consult an existing note or to add content to an existing note
this quick launch could have the potential of me being one click away from the main screen and searching my notes

--> If you could make this first window be able to search in your notes, additional to being a quick note shortcut that would work too

10.7.6-linux-ddl-public (2330)
Editor: v117.1.15008
Service: v1.27.2
© 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved

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