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I need to fish out an old note today that I wrote at the beginning of last year to do a quick job. I logged into Evernote in the browser as I was using a computer that I had not used for months. It was the quickest. 

I thought Evernote had improved since October 2020 but still felt uncomfortable using it. I was puzzled by this until I realise it is all about trust. 

When you buy into an app/software solution you lend the provider trust: that the company will be still around in a year or more and the product still useful to you. Without trust, you would never start on the project. 

Not least important is the belief that the company will continue to support your workflows and that they value you as a customer. We have a relationship with businesses.

So do I feel so uncomfortable about using Evernote? Well, the answer is simply that I have been burnt once and when it comes to experiencing pain we have very long memories.

As it turns out, I am doing very well now without Evernote. I would have continued to use Evernote if they had handled the transition better, but they did not. The goodwill is gone and there is now nothing they can do to get back. 

Some could argue that there are few technical reasons to use Evernote, but there is one psychological one: trust. 

In a few years, the value of the notes will fade, and the sun will set on Evernote. 

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