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A couple of formatting questions

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I'm a longtime user of Evernote, and I'm about to start serious work on a new research project. I am dealing with a couple of frustrations with the new Evernote (mainly the Mac app), and I'm hoping people have some answers:

— I frequently use the web clipper, and I generally use "Simplified Article." I'm finding that, in many cases, Evernote does not add a space between paragraphs, giving me one humongous block of text. I've actually copied and pasted the entire article into Word, used find-and-replace to add a second carriage return at the end of each paragraph, and then pasted it back into Evernote. I don't want to keep doing that.

— If I copy something from a Simplified Article into WordPress, Evernote adds formatting that messes up the appearance. Again, I have to paste it into Word first, which removes the formatting, then copy it into Evernote.

Thanks for any help you can give me. These might sound like nit-picky things, but they're frustrations that I deal with on a daily basis.

Dan Kennedy

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Hi.  We're a -mainly- user supported Forum here,  so for a response from Evernote please submit a Support ticket

Given that web pages can be coded in a zillion different ways,  it's mildly impressive that Evernote can pick any content at all,  so there's little chance of the app being able to lay out different pages consistently for you. 

Taking a literal snapshot of the page is guaranteed to give you the layout,  and will be OCR'd for searches,  though links from the page won't work. Clipping the article,  a simplified article or a selection will give you any web links from that area.  You'll often find that pages offer to print themselves  - a feature which you can divert to a PDF file,  which gives the best option for accuracy - but sometimes doesn't include links. 

Or you may find that a page's 'print' layout will remove some of the styling and give you a better clip.  Sometimes it's easier to clip in Mobile than it is on Desktop and vice-versa (because the screen layout changes).

It's up to individual users to work around the limitations of any specific pages and get the clip which provides the best compromise between accuracy and interaction.  If you raise a support ticket quoting a specific URL that causes you a problem,  Support may be able to tweak Clipper to deal with that coding

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Web sites change all the time, first with CM/S like WordPress, today with responsive design that makes the web site fit to desktop and mobile using the same code. Clipping it is not easy - it needs to interpret the web site as a browser does.

There is only one web clipper, it does not differentiate between clients. It clips directly into the EN server data base. The client syncs the note down from there to enable you to use it. From my experience clipped content looks alike be it in v10 or legacy.

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