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Internal links to Evernote don't work

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Hello, I have the latest version of Windows and the Evernote Windows legacy application (v

If I click on an internal Evernote link (in Word) of the type:


For a second it opens Internet Explorer and the closes it, but it doesn't open Evernote Windows legacy showing the note.

If I try to open this internal Evernote link in OneNote, I get this error message:


I tried reinstalling Evernote Windows legacy, but it didn't work.

Please help. This is a productivity killer.

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I managed to make it work again. These are the steps I followed (maybe not all of them are needed):

  1. I installed the 10.x Evernote version
  2. I tested if the internal links worked with the latest version. It certainly opens Evernote, but it doesn't show the target note 🤮
  3. I searched for URL:evernote in the Windows Registry Editor.
  4. I changed the value of the key \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\evernote\shell\open\command to point to the Evernote legacy executable (instead of the Evernote 10 executable), in my case > "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote Legacy\evernote.exe" "%1"
  5. I tested again. It didn't work. It still opened Evernote 10
  6. I uninstalled Evernote 10 and restarted the computer.
  7. IT WORKED!!! I clicked on the link (with the internal URL for an Evernote note) and Evernote legacy opened and showed the target note.


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Oups, exactly what I would have recommended 😉
Seems that your launching program (OneNote?) cached the old setting. Unfortunately, even re-installing Legacy will not correct this registry setting so you have to change it on your own... But after that really all programs respect it (Word, Excel, Chrome, IE, ...).

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