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Private Key stolen from Notes

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I made a mistake of storing crypto wallet private key in Evernote.
Yesterday I found out that all of my funds were stolen.
The only place where I kept my private key was Evernote, and my hardware key was in a safe place.
I know of at least one more person who recently had his funds stolen in the same exact scenario.

I need help investigating how my private key was accessed, because I don't remember receiving any notifications of suspicious activities on the account.

I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Upgrade to Premium, get EN support to help you on this.

All cases reported here had to do with credentials used for other services as well, and stolen from there. If you reused access data, make sure to change them everywhere to avoid more nasty surprises. Use a password manager to create strong and unique passwords for each account.

You can check if your data is circulating on the internet (without a guarantee, they can’t have all breaches) here: 


In addition 2FA is a good measure to make accounts even safer.

Probably won‘t help in this case, when the extracted keys were already used.

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