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Does evernote automatically revoke access from a window computer which is not used for a long time?

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Hello everyone, I used to use evernote on 2 devices: a window computer and an android device. It has been more than 2 years I haven't opened evernote (even web) until recently.

Today I noticed that the android device is still listed as linked/synced device to my evernote account but the window computer is NOT. I'm sure I've never manually unsynced/revoked.

I checked the window computer and learned that the account is still linked in my evernote window app and the app asked me to enter password to continue syncing. The last time I opened this app on my window computer is 2 years 10 months ago and the last time I used evernote on my android device is 2 year 6 months ago. Although I did not revoke access of evernote on the android, the android device was reset several times without me ever logging in evernote later on and is still listed as a synced device in my evernote account now.

So my question is does evernote ever automatically revoke access from devices for some reason? I want to make sure there is no intrusion into my account for that long time (lots of sensitive stuff there...).

I appreciate you guys help.

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12 hours ago, Hen J said:

I want to make sure there is no intrusion into my account

If someone gets hold of your password and you didn't enable 2-factor access,  then another person could use another device and no-one could tell whether or not that access was you.  If you have 2FA set up,  then there should be no problems.

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