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iphoneで写真と写真の間を選択できません。Hard to tap the area between 2 photos(iPhone)

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I want to select  the narrow area between 2 photos.But I accidentally select a photo itself. 

Could you tell me how to select the area between photos with the iPhone? I hope the area to tap a photo will be narrower....
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  • ted1173 changed the title to iphoneで写真と写真の間を選択できません。Hard to tap the area between 2 photos(iPhone)
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EN places several pictures into a note without leaving a space in between You can’t select the space, because there is none.

To enter a line between two pictures, click on the picture above of where you need an empty space. It will get a blue rim.

Now hit ENTER on your keyboard. One would expect the picture to be replaced, but instead it inserts a new line behind the picture selected, right above of the next picture. This new empty line can be now accessed by clicking on it.

An even better control exists if you put all pictures into a table. Create a table (new function for iOS, very nice) and put each picture into one cell of the table. The picture will be resized to fit the table cell width, but is kept in full size. You can write text into the cell beside the picture, or under it.

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