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Unable to accces my original email / unable to switch new emails - need support



Hello - I am unable to access my original email (helen@maloney.com) that was used to signed up for and used over the last 5-10 years. How can i change my email if i cannot access the original account or reset the password? I am so desperate.  I cannot lose the information in the original account. Thank you so much for any help that you can provide. 

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If your mail address is still in use, withdraw it from your posting here. Else spammers may collect it and use it for their purposes. 

If you can’t access the original mail account, it gets difficult.

Can you still access your EN account ? Then you could go through support - Basic users get support on account issues.

If not create a new account. Then use this account to log into the help pages at evernote.com, and contact support, account issues. Tell them about your problem. They will probably ask for some ID to make sure it is you, and then may restore access.

Access to support is easier for Premium users - you could subscribe for a single month.

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