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Can You Survive Without Desktop Evernote?

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I have used Evernote for about a decade and love it but have found myself using Evernote primarily on an iPad Pro and my work laptop via Evernote Web. My personal machine has desktop Evernote and is generally powered down all week but then powered up on the weekend for schoolwork. As a result, I rarely use the desktop client throughout the work week.

Sometimes I will find that I need to do something and cannot figure out the solution, such as a rename a scanned document file name sent to Evernote from a Raven scanner. I could not figure out how to rename it with the web app nor the iPad app. I opened a support ticket asking for guidance. The answer was, “Use the desktop app.” I have had several questions that were answered in a similar way.

I am wondering if I am the only Evernote user that rarely uses the desktop app. Does anyone else here use Evernote regularly without resorting to the desktop app? Is it possible to survive without desktop Evernote?

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As an Evernote Legacy user, imho I can not survive without the desktop platform (Mac)   
I use the desktop daily; iPad is a supplemental tool

I also can not survive with the Evernote 10 product in it's current form   
However we're seeing improvements and feature enhancements to the non-desktop platforms 

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The main issue for me with mobile is that I can only modify one note at a time. For tagging, moving and merging this is not efficient or not working.

The web client is getting closer to desktop.

Currently I would not like to give up the legacy client, and that is another desktop client.

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98% desktop (Windows 6.25.1) and 2% IOS, mostly phone (V10). 

Browser and IOS versions are too slow and click heavy for the entry/maintenance aspects of  my use case.  Not to mention my patience.  Same for the current V10 desktop.

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I find that I have to use the desktop app every so often. For one, it's faster at changing text formatting thanks to the mouse.

The iOS app lacks the ability to merge multiple notes and you also can't select multiple notes. The recent move to v10 is supposed to be something which allows Evernote to unify all the platforms and their functions. Fingers crossed.

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I haven't been able to log in to the desktop site (which I use on my Mac laptop) for nearly a week. It's preventing me accessing the notes that I need for my work. I can access the mobile app but it's far too small, I can't copy across into my writing work from my research notes, or search those notes adequately. Currently looking for a new research tool as Evernote has become useless for me.

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On 5/9/2021 at 9:02 PM, martyscholes said:

Is it possible to survive without desktop Evernote?

Yes - sorta....

I use EN for both personal and work. The majority of personal stuff is done through the iOS apps with my iPad doing most of the heavy lifting there. I could easily get away with just the browser as well for personal on a computer. Most of work stuff is done through mac app - I have it open and reference multiple times during the workday. I could probably get away with using the browser only for work, but it is much easier to have a stand alone app for it.


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