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I tried to change the email address I entered to start my account from the one I registered with and it won't let me, it says it is already in use

I want to change it because the email is associated with hotmail and not gmail and I registered with gmail.  can't this be changed and why won't it let me?

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Hey there,
I have a similar issue, as I want to change my email, but the link that gazumped sent doesn't work for me, because:
When I registered my account, I registered with Google, and I can't input a password into the field where it's required of me. I've tried my google account password, by the way. Attaching the screenshot below.


I'd super appreciate any input, as my workplace made some new changes, and our work emails got changed, so the one I initially registered with doesn't even exist anymore. Still, I have the Evernote account associated with it. So I want to transfer to the new and updated email.

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Alright, just disabled Sign-In With Google. Now I got a notification saying that 'It seems that you have not set up a password - you've received instructions on how to reset your password in your email.'

But as I've stated, I can't access the workplace email anymore, so I can't reset my password in this way.

So am I just f***ed? The thing I'm afraid of is losing all my notes if something logs me out of my work account in the future. 

If I can't change my email address at all, is it possible to do a mass export of my notes? The only way I've seen previously is exporting them one by one, but that would take ages!

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50 minutes ago, NojusCiao said:

I'm afraid of is losing all my notes if something logs me out of my work account in the future.

You can't 'lose' your notes - you may not be able to get into the account, but the notes will still be stored for you.

52 minutes ago, NojusCiao said:

If I can't change my email address

You can't,  but Support should be able to do it for you, subject to them being happy that you're you.  Go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and use the 'continue as guest' option to report your issue.  You can also try https://twitter.com/evernotehelps 

1 hour ago, NojusCiao said:

is it possible to do a mass export of my notes?

Maybe. If you're on a desktop,  go to the 'notebooks' page and right-click a name.  You should have an option to export all notes to ENEX.  It's necessary to do this for each individual notebook.

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