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Mapping related tags



I’m very interested in new features that help me discover the relationship between ideas and content I’ve captured in Evernote.  Some of the ways other tools help with this is backlinking and note maps/clouds.

I think Evernote could offer a really compelling version of this by mapping related tags – showing me tags that are often included with another, and the interdependencies of this.  A map/web/matrix view would help illustrate this and provide clever navigation of ideas I might not consider the relationship between.

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There used to be a program called Bubble Browser (if I remember correctly). It let you visualize relations between notes, via tags and notebooks. You clicked on a note or tag, and a cloudlike structure emerged, showing all the relations. Awesome, yes …

The web site is down, nobody answers on mails, the download from the AppStore caused my Mac to crash. So I assume it died out of being overwhelmed by user interest - and would you give such a third party app with fuzzy background full access to your EN account ?

Maybe somebody is going to follow up on your idea - I am sort of a visual learner and would appreciate it.

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