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Anyone have a tip on actually getting sales to respond?

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I have now written to sales, three times and still no response in more than 10 days. Maybe two weeks. If they can't be more responsible and organized than this, how can they help us be more organized?

Three of us are now working more closely together and have an issue with Evernote. All of us are on the pay plan right underneath business and have paid for a year. I have been a member for quite a number of years. The issues that we are having is that Sharing doesn't really work as you would expect it to work. We can share notes from folders but not folders. All the shared notes are there separate from the folders were they really belong. This is frustrating beyond belief.

So I wrote to them repeatedly asking how to make this better and if the business class service would make things work better.

Crickets is all I hear.

Sharing should be far more intuitive and useful. What is the use of sharing if it spreads notes all over the other persons Evernote and nothing is really organized?

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. If sales actually reads this, if there are any sales people, maybe you can respond immediately.


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27 minutes ago, DonCielo said:

All the shared notes are there separate from the folders were they really belong. This is frustrating beyond belief.

Can you provide  more information as to how the notes "are there"   
There has to be a notebook listed in the sidebar

Regarding talking to "sales"   
I prefer talking to technical support people   
The support site is https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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Sharing a complete notebook is easy:

  1. Open the standard view with left side bar on a desktop (not the home screen).
  2. Click on the notebook header (above the notebook list). A window with all the notebooks will open (maybe grouped into stacks)
  3. Click on the 3 dots at the far right of the screen behind the notebook you want to share.
  4. A submenu opens. The share notebook option is the second from the top.
  5. You get a share window, where you enter the name or e-mail of the person(s) you want to share to. You can select whether they are allowed to edit, or only view, or both. You will actually be working on the same note.

It works on mobile as well, just a bit different in the menu workflow.

The notebook will still belong to yourself, but anybody with the share can open and if allowed edit the content. Anybody authorized can add notes to a shared notebook, which makes them in turn available to all others. When you go to delete the notebook any future day, first revoke the share before deleting it.

To help with collaboration, there is work chat (further down in the left panel).

Business is different in philosophy - here all notebooks belong to the company. There needs to be an admin, who decides who gets access to which notebooks. The access groups are called spaces. The business at a stays with the company and is reallocated. So there is no sharing on Business, but a notebook is allocated to a space, and those allowed to work in this space automatically have access.

Every business user gets a second account for personal use. When somebody leaves the company, he takes his personal account with him.

The forum is user to user.

If you still want to contact sales, there is a little contact link below the fat "free trial" button on this page: https://evernote.com/intl/en/business .Here is the direct link to the contact form: https://evernote.com/intl/en/business/contact

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Hi @PinkElephant,

Can we use the same strategy to share a stack? It doesn't look like it's possible. But maybe I'm not understanding something.

Let's say I share a notebook, and then one of the team puts it in a stack, would it didn't show up in the stack for all of us?

Or can we all put it in whatever stack we want but continue getting updates to that notebook?

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Stacks are a personal issue, to organize your personal view (!) of notebooks by putting them in one group. In fact stacks are not important, there are little actions that are stack-related. The organizing elements of EN are the notebook, the tag and the note.

Stacks are not copying to another persons account, even if the notebook is shared.

For example I share a stack with recipes with my wife, and she shares one with recipes with me. My notebook is about cooking, hers is about baking. We put new recipes in the respective notebooks by subject, not by owner. Once a new note is created in one of these notebooks, it reflects to all included in the shared access, the same with changes. If 2 people edit at the same time, you get a conflict note that one needs to review and sort out.

Both our recipe notebooks are in a "Hobby" stack in my account - my wife is not using stacks at all. No problem, but no way to share the stacks either. 

The concept of "spaces" is completely different. Spaces is the business account way to organize access to a group of notebooks. It has nothing to do with the stacks from personal accounts.

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2 hours ago, DonCielo said:

Three of us are now working more closely together

If there are only three of you I'd suggest avoiding a Business account.  If you did go that route,  you would effectively be four;  the business account exists independently of any individual.  Someone would have to administer their own account,  plus the business account to manage everyone's access to the separate notebooks and 'stacks' (spaces).  It adds a significant overhead to the admin side without (IMHO) enough new features - apart from massive upload capacities that you probably won't need.

Beware too that syncing information happens between individuals and Evernote's server - so person A changes an item and syncs the edits to the server.  Person B needs to ensure their device has picked up that newly changed version of the document before viewing or editing it further.  Some trial runs might be an idea so you understand any limitations that delays between device syncs might incur.

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@PinkElephant - that was really helpful. Thank you so much. Now I get it.

@gazumped - thank you. Your response also was extremely helpful. We have had numerous issues with the syncing and has been a real frustration for us. We were trying to use a document with all three of us on a zoom call and making notes together. That does not work. It creates all kinds of sync issues. I've been thinking that even Google docs might be a better solution in terms of all of us being able to write at the same time. Do you have any additional thoughts on this?

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To work jointly on the same document, you probably need to use a service like Google docs, Microsoft Office 365 or Apples iCloud-based iWork suite. All these do it by putting the original of the document onto a cloud service, and let users work on this document. Clearly you need to agree among your team which of these services to use. EN has the best integration with Google Docs, I think. You can nest a link to a Google  Docs file into the EN note, share it, and then access the file from there.

There are claims from independent cloud companies like Dropbox that they can provide a similar experience for documents stored there, but I am not sure about this.

EN can’t do this, not for notes and not for attachments. It is great for sharing, but not meant to work as a online collaboration tool.

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