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(Archived) Clipper Problem - Replacing Text with Graphic Characters



When I use the web clipper, often times major areas of text are replaced with a box surrounding the letter A. If I highlight the string of boxes, copy it and paste it into a text editor, I see the original text. This seems to indicate a display issue with the Evernote Mac client not a clipper problem.

Using latest version of Snow Leopard, Evernote and doesn't seem to matter which browser I use. (Currently using latest releases of Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

How can I get the desktop client to show the actual text?


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Some additional information...

It happens even if I manually copy the text from a web-page and past into an existing web clipper note or a new note created in the desktop client. Could this be a font issue with OS X?

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Can you provide an example of a web page that causes this problem on your system?

What version of OS X are you using?

It does potentially sound like a font issue. If you select the "broken" text within Evernote and change the font, does that fix it?

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