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Android app hasn't synced once since install of latest version

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My android app wasn't picking up new notes written via my Windows 10 Evernote app. So I uninstalled, reinstalled latest version, and it had the latest notes - since then, a week ago, not one of the new notes made in my Windows 10 app appears in my android app. On phone, I've uninstalled app, rebooted device, manual synced, emptied trash, tried both wifi and mobile data - nothing works.

Quite disheartening for a 7-year customer that evernote basic functionality appears to be getting progressively worse with time.

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Have you checked whether the changes from Windows have yet been synced to the server ?

You can do this by opening the web client in any browser.

If yes, I would contact support. If no, the issue might be the up-sync from Windows, which means support as well, but would be another case.

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