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Evernote for Windows 10.13

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Today we released Evernote for Windows 10.13 (v 10.13.4 build 2607).

This release brings two top requested features back. Right click context menus have been added back to the left navigation menu, allowing for quick action to be taken on almost any object in the left menu. We’ve also expanded export functionality by adding meta data options and single and multiple page HTML formats within a new Export options menu. Past release notes are archived here.

It is available now as a direct download version from our website and via the Windows Store. If you are already running one of these versions, we are progressively rolling out to compatible devices and the new version will be available on all supported operating systems within 7 days. To learn how Evernote delivers app updates, when you’re eligible for an update, and how to update your Evernote app, visit How Evernote delivers app updates to our customers.

New to Windows 10.13

  • You can now right-click on section headers and their lists in the sidebar to get quick access to options associated with the item. This opens up easier access to menu options for:
    • Shortcuts
    • Recent notes
    • Saved searches
    • Notebooks
    • Stacks
    • Spaces
    • Tags
    • Trash
    • Anywhere on the left nav that is not an object to activate / deactivate view options for note counts and recent notes
  • You now have more options for exporting notes, including splitting large ENEX files, exporting as HTML, and choosing which attributes to export (such as tag, reminder, etc.). These options can be found in the "Export" dialog located in notebook and note options menus.
    • Use splitting ENEX to break up larger ENEX exports into easier to import files. (Splitting large ENEX files is only active if you’re exporting large enough groups of notes)
    • HTML export supports both multi-page and single-page. Multi-page will separate each note into a separate HTML file and resource file with an accompanying index file.
    • Pick meta data to be included with your export. For exported HTML, meta data is included with the file tags and can be inspected via the file’s source.
    • More on export options here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005557
  • To support the new export functionality we’ve made some visual improvements to import and export dialogs
  • You no longer need perfect punctuation to get the search results you want. For example, searching for "checkin" will show you results for "check-in", "check.in", "check_in" and "check'in".
  • Evernote Business customers can now search inside shared notes.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Fixed highlights:

  • We're working on an issue where notes would sometimes appear to be blank, and you would have to restart the app to see them again. The issue isn't completely fixed, but you should be seeing it much less frequently now. And we're still working on it.
  • We fixed an issue where "close all windows" was no longer available via the application menu.

Coming soon:

  • Quickly search and move to different note using a keyboard shortcut (Mac - CMD+J, Windows - Ctrl+Q)
  • Dragging and dropping note links and tags directly into your note
  • Additional export options (considered in progress - we have additional export work landing soon)
  • Import folder

Let us know what you think and we appreciate the continued feedback. We will keep hard at work! Thank you!

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