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I keep getting prompt to upgrade cannot access evernote

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I had evernote access on my iphone and laptop. I bought a new iphone and tried to access Evernote. I was prompted to remove one device or upgrade to premium. I removed one device. I still cant access Evernote on my new phone. I just keep getting Evernote prompt to buy premium or remove one device. I checked my settings and there is only one device. There is no way to contact evernote support also! can some one help please.

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Don’t know how long you waited before posting here.

After unsyncing the older device, maybe it just needs a little time to process it, and set your account to the new status. Maybe it takes a day until it resets everything.

There is a limit not only on devices but on unsyncing devices as well. This limit will reset after 30 days.

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