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Mac Voice control: make it work like all the other applications out there



Evernote is one of the few apps that doesn't work with voice control dictation on the Mac latest OS. ( the other application in skype, but then again they're owned by Microsoft.)

Scenario is this: Voice control works on firefox, macOS etc. and then when I switch over to Evernote, It literally breaks the voice control and I have to go to stickies and start dictation for it to start working again on my browser. 

Please make it work and please no excuses about security or something like that. Just make it work.

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Yes please, make voice control on the Mac work with Evernote. I am student and my accessibility tech says Mac voice control is the best thing out there. Please don’t leave people with disabilities out.

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If you want EN to do something for your specific situation, use the feedback function of the clients.

The forum is user2user, and beside giving you our sympathy, we can't change anything.

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