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Widgets do not function under Android 10

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Does anybody have the same problem? Since I have a new phone with version 10. The reminder widget doesn't work anymore. The title is missing which is not very useful. 

On my tablet with V8 it works just fine. On my old phone it worked also OK. 

Does somebody have the same problem or a solution. 

BR Helge 

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Evernote 10 for Android has a very different set of widgets (well small set of very different widgets) compared to version 8. We are hoping that these will develop as the application continues to grow but there is no indication of what might or might not be in the pipeline.

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Why fix if it ain't broken? 😉
I use the normal Android app now and deleted the widgets. There it works all fine, it is a bit like running in a circle, but what the heck.

Thanks for the comment

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