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Search and menu buttons at the bottom

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4 hours ago, Barabasz said:

What the ***** is wrong with you people. Seriously. 



I understand that people are upset by the newer apps, but not sure what the intent of this post is. Doesn't give very much insight other than you're irritated. What are your concerns about the placement of these two things?

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12 hours ago, Barabasz said:

It breaks fundamental rules of design/UX. it's that simple. How I wish EN developers are focused on bugs than trying to reinvent the circle...

While I'm not too familiar with design/UX rules, I think I get what you're saying. I kind of like it at the bottom since my iPhone is a Pro Max since I always forget that reachability is a thing.

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It's not only about ergonomics (my screenshot is from iPad Pro - holding with two hands you can touch these buttons with ease). It more about habits and standarisation (kind of). Evernote is now THE ONLY one app i know with menu and search buttons at the bottom of the viewport. It's counterintuitive. It has nothing to do with "innovation" of any kind. It's just stupid. 

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