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All notes gone without warning

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I don't use evernote very often but I saved important notes and accessed from my phone when I needed them. Launched evernote today and found out all my notes are gone. No notification email, no breach of account, just gone. Nowhere to ask the support because not a premium user (why would I subscribe after what I have experienced), can't post under question sub forum. It is ridiculous. 

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On 5/3/2021 at 8:25 AM, kondev said:

why would I subscribe after what I have experienced

Hi.  ...because you get access to Support?

Your notes should have been synced to Evernote's server so try signing in on a desktop via Evernote.com to check your notes. It's pretty easy to create a new account instead of signing in - which would give you the 'no notes' experience - so check your user ID carefully!

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