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How do I rename a notebook on MacOS?

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I used Evernote for years, quit for a while, and recently came back to the new Evernote. Renaming notebooks was something I did all the time and don't remember being an issue before, but I can't figure it out now. Searching online only brings up old pages answering this question for features that seem to be gone now.


"Click on the information icon in the black section of the title."

What information icon? I don't see one.


"You can also rename a notebook in the desktop application for Mac by right-clicking (or Ctrl + click) on the notebook and select Rename Notebook"

There doesn't seem to be any right click context menu anymore.

I also looked through all the file menus while my notebook was selected and didn't see a rename option. So where is this option now and why were the more intuitive options removed?


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