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Pin Multiple Notes to my Home Screen

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Looks like your Home needs a little retouching, eh ?

My wife and me always agree to disagree that something superfluous but decorative is not superfluous at all. You can imagine who comes out of that discussion as second winner - always, does not need to be 14th of February !

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This is my first ever post.

In relation to pinning notes, I wanted to know whether it is possible to develop a way to pin (or having shortcuts) certain notes within notebooks? I can imagine the hierarchical system would be helpful to have for just certain pinned notes.


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14 hours ago, gbarry said:

This is now available at the new Professional tier, which supports multiple pinned notes and scratch pads: https://evernote.com/compare-plans

I saw that and I upgraded to the Pro plan. This works exactly how I imagined it! 😀

I'm kind of bummed that the Premium account tier didn't carry over to Pro, but that's why I don't work in Marketing (or Finance for that reason).

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7 minutes ago, airconlin said:

You can add widgets "filtered note" to home.
And for filter, you can set a tag, like "notes on home",  and add this tag to the notes you want to keep in this widget at home page.

Or you could set up the tag, make it the first shortcut so it's easy to access (ctrl+1) and dispense with the completely superfluous and largely decorative  "Home" all together!

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