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reminder search not working across platforms



I have reminder searches saved to look for notes are the due today, tomorrow and such, and they have been acting rather erratic ever since the Big Update.

I noticed today that search is returning tons of wrong notes. It is affecting my productivity as I use this feature to organize my to-do's and linking them to my calendar.

It is happening on my iPhone, iPad and Windows apps, all with the latest updates.

Please let me know what is going on.

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  • 2 minutes ago, ikey said:

    I have reminder searches saved to look for notes are the due today, tomorrow and such

    Please post the exact search syntax you're using

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For example, to get today's reminders, I use: "reminderTime:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*"

This worked perfectly before Evernote had the big update. After the update, it has been working on and off.

Last few weeks for example, it was working fine, but BANG! Suddenly topped working again from today and returning reminders for future included.

I would appreciate tips and work-arounds.

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How are your other saved searches working? I've been seen a re-occurrence of a long-standing program I call stale search results. Classic case is you remove or change some note tags that should cause the notes to disappear from a commonly used saved search...but they still appear! I'll re-examine the notes to confirm the tag I removed is indeed gone...then re-do the search...they still appear. The problem sometimes can  be fixed by restarting your app/client, power-cycling your hardware (phone/computer) but sometimes you just have to wait until the stale search results finally update.

If that seems like what you're seeing, EN has long promised a fix but has yet to deliver.

Here are examples, some may be relevant to you:

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I think this is the same issue, I described in this separate post (maybe mods can merge):

This was an issue early in the v10 beta, and then they got it to the point where changes reflect in the search results about 5-10 minutes later... while that is still dreadfully too long, it was workable.  However, since v10.12 I have noticed reminders I changed days earlier still coming up in my Today, Tomorrow, etc. saved searches.  Hopefully they roll out a fix for this quick.

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