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So, the Mac app is now an electron app...

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It's unbelievable that after years offering the best Mac experience app Evernote decided to go to a horrible, non-native Electron "app" (if we can even call it that). It's unbelievable that a company of their size decided that offering an INFERIOR user experience would be a good choice in the name of "cost savings" in the development. Guess what, I'll likely migrate elsewhere. I don't want an electron app frustrating experience. Where is the native font, native bounce effect, fast search, integration with Spotlight on macOS, the EXTENSIONS where I can send files between apps on a Mac NATIVELY? I don't want a new solution that is half-integrated with Apple software, I pay a premium price for a premium experience, and that's what you used to give me. Not anymore. I guess your cuts in costs will also be met with long-term user degradation and abandonment of your platform. This is not excellence, this is a cheap way out.

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I'm a Windows user and just replied to the Sort by Tags thread, which is also all about the removal of key features. I would HIGHLY favor the resurrection of the Legacy desktop based software as a Pro option. 

It makes total sense to me that not everyone expects the same capabilities or needs them.

New features could easily be baked into and tried out on the PRO platform and then added to the Standard version.

Now, the world is upside down where all focus is on the "common denominator" and we are left hanging saying "what happened here"?

The strategy Evernote is pursuing is understandable for "the largest general audience", but they alienated their most ardent FANS in the process.

Wish they would have the Emotional Intelligence to just recognize they messed this up and that they can get this back on track.

They need to do something about the Legacy picture anyway, so resurrecting it as the "Cadillac" option for their service makes more sense to me then just leaving it hanging with no clear plan.


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