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Email to Evernote Sporadically Failing... anyone else seeing issues?

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I use the email to Evernote function A LOT... as it is the primary way I get things into Evernote.  Since it has always been rock-solid, I never check to make sure what I send is showing up.  However, over the past two days I have noticed a few instances where something sent over was not arriving.  I just went through and compared by sent emails to Evernote and found one additional item that did not arrive, but everything else has been coming in going back several weeks.

The instances from the past few days include a series of 6 emails sent around the same time last night and only 4 of them showed up.  Then this morning another single email sent did not arrive.

Now I am going to need to check/compare periodically until it regains my confidence, as I often wouldn't notice if something I forward doesn't arrive.  

Anyone else seeing issues?

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There have been issues reported in the forum. I had encountered some myself, both with mail accounts from the German provider GMX.de.

In all cases this had to be sorted out by support. They need a ticket with all mail addresses that failed, if possible time and date.

To me it looked as if they needed to do some whitelisting - for one of my accounts it took several days to fix the issue.

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A very good idea. But I can't contact the support. If I open the support site, I get logged off. If I logon on support site, the browser redirect me directly to the webview of EN. When I go back to support site, I get locked out. 😞

I had this bug since 2018 and the support is unable to solve this.

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In this case the maybe easiest way is to use the support function of the mobile client (settings-support-Support Ticket). It works inside of the client, no need to go to the web site.

When you are issuing your ticket, you can place another on the logout issue as well. Don’t have that trouble, so no advise. Just guessing: Maybe there is an interference with browser extensions, sometimes it helps to simply install and use another browser.

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