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What happens when you pass the 100,000 note limit in Evernote?

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Evernote seem to use clear cut-off lines - if it says 100,000 notes in the limit,  then you won't be able to save any more notes when you get to that point.

I've been going for about 12 years on Evernote.  At one point I digitised a small reference library with lots of documents,  and I've been running an "if in doubt, scan it" policy on all paperwork for several years.  I'm still only up to 53,000 or so notes - there's a degree of natural wastage as old or unneeded documentation gets trashed,  which slows growth down after an initial spurt.  Things do get slower with lots of notes - more to search and bigger data files to sync or save;  so I'd think you're going to hit a wall after 75,000 notes where it's better to open a new account for new stuff.

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