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Please leave the toolbar in a fixed position when the edit function is enabled.



I don't need a keyboard to highlight text, to change the font color or to align the text.

So it is illogical that the appearance of the toolbar is conditioned to the appearance of the keyboard.

And the toolbar only appears along with the large keyboard.

Please leave the toolbar fixed and preferably at the top of the app when the edit function is Screenshot_20210430-180632_Evernote.thumb.jpg.c6e3fd50a31374e7ab5a56322d8ccabb.jpgScreenshot_20210430-180856_Evernote.thumb.jpg.10568620364360cc8e834cd596c72670.jpgScreenshot_20210430-181149_Evernote.thumb.jpg.bc5cbb13453a257b1a75d122b1d5979b.jpgenabled.

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