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blank dashboard background??

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Just upgraded to version 10.12 on my laptop (not yet on my desk system).

Apparently you can select an image for your home dashboard background. My preference is no image. Or maybe a light colored background.

Short of the wasted task of creating a blank image to have no image and then uploading, is there a way to turn off the background image??






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3 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

The easiest way is probably to create a plain color picture file, and select it.

When using Windows such a file can be created in a blink by using the Paint app.

Yeah - I know. But I think forcing an image, instead of a choice of "none" seems like a design error.



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If the function was build to overlay a picture, it may be easier to always use an overlay, than replace the underlying picture with a sort of code. Better for you as well, because you can pick a nonobtrusive color, but add a small gradient or vignette to make it visually more attractive.

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