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Mistaken cut/paste wiped out my note



I had a note open on my mobile phone and when I closed my folding cover, it seems to have triggered a cut&paste of my entire note.  The note has been replaced with 'OK', which is the text I had in my clipboard from a previous SMS message I was using.  Somehow, the leather case triggered something and my entire note is gone.  I am a free version user but will gladly pay for Premium if my note can still be restored.  This is very bad that there is no UNDO feature on the mobile app...Once I went to my laptop, it was too late, the bad data synchronized there before I could turn off WiF.  Can someone please help me with this?

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There is note history running for all accounts. This is a versioning of changes made to a note, and one can go back in time and set a note back, or create a copy of that older version.

It only works when the note and its changes have synced to the server.

Access is a Premium feature - but when on Premium, the history should be there for older notes as well.

For the future: The mobile clients have a switch in the settings to avoid unwanted editing. If it would have stopped this incident I do not know. But maybe take a look.

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