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Web Clipper opens new tab instead of showing dialog

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  • Safari: 14.0.3
  • macos: 10.15.7
  • Web Clipper: 7.13.6 - according to Safari Settings and App Store
  • Web Clipper 1.0.11 (72) - according to Web Clipper/About (see attached image.png)

Steps To reproduce

  1. Open a web page in Tab A
  2. Open evernote in Tab B and login to evernote
  3. go back to Tab A
  4. click on the evernote elephant


  • I see the dialog of the wonderful world of Oz, the web clipper

Actual observation

  • A new tab with evernote is opened  - for my current plan (Trial Evernote Premium) I'm reminded that an evernote tab is already opened

Steps Taken

I tried all recommendations that I found in the forums:

  • reducing cookie security setting (this should not be necessary for a 2021 application running natively on macos)
  • re-activating
  • restarting Safari and the whole universe
  • uninstalling and reinstalling
    • Evernote App
    • Web Clipper

The issue is documented here since 2013, anyone has new intel on how this could be solved?



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