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Notebook View in EN-Android different to EN-Windows & EN-Web

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When using EN-Windows (v6.25), I sort my notes in a side-list view using 'Title' only.   This way only 1x row appears for each Note in the side-list giving a very compact no-need-to-scroll (much) view.  A recent EN-Web update, allowed for the exact same and consistent 'Title only' display of the notes within a notebook.

However in EN-Android (I'm on v10.8.2),  EN displays three rows of info for each note within a notebook.   My view options are set to 'Small' and Show images+body text+tags are all deselected.  So Row 1 shows Note Title, Row 2 a blank line, or reminder if one present, and Row 3 a date (perhaps last updated date)!

Any ideas if and when EN will or may, allow the same consistent view on Android?  -or- is there a setting I'm missing, cheers.  See screenshot from phone attached.  If not too much trouble @Shane D. could you or team member weigh in...thanks


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